About us

The ambition of Top20 project is to join forces of third sector, politicians, the media, businesses and individuals to make Slovakia a better place for business, employment and economic development of companies and individuals.

Formally the present aim is set as a minimum achievement of 20th place in the Doing Business World Bank ranking of competitiveness (In 2016, Slovakia was on the 29th place). The case of non-achievement this aim should not affect our major endeavour: to fight senseless bureaucracy, the absurd restrictions and duties in all times and wherever possible.

Top 20 is not about the criticism, but about the solutions. Our reform agenda includes several tens proposed the specific measures aimed to improving the business position of Slovakia. From big ones, which are the changes in the tax or contribution system, to smaller ones which require only political will. These steps are not just for the right-wing government, but for any government who wishes to push forward the competitiveness of Slovakia.

Program Top 20 was created after consultations with business, sectoral organizations, politicians and officials, as well as was inspirited from other countries of the world. This program is vivid – in the coming years it will be supplemented and modified. Also you the businessmen, entrepreneurs, professionals from various fields as well as all citizens who come into daily contact with the not-so-effective public administration can help us. We will be glad to consider your comments and suggestions.

Webpage Top20.sk will serve as the information portal where we will successively analyse, measure and annotate the various existing, as well as coming challenges of the business environment in Slovakia. We will discuss their possible solutions and last but not least monitor the government and its members in their activities which will affect the business environment.

The project was supported by the Atlas Network.

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