Why the change is needed?

“A better business environment” is the expression which is often used by many politicians as a magical formula. But its meaning is straightforward – a better business environment simply means simpler business environment. One that enables the free interaction of businessmen, consumers and workers with as few obstacles as possible.

It’s the environment where you do not have to send every year the same statement to three different state institutions, where you do not have to legally pay an “expert” with a stamp certifying that you can do this or that. The business environment where the officials will not fine you for their own mistakes and where are no new regulations churned out every month without the cancelation of the old ones.

Better business environment is not about lower wages. The top ten countries with the best business environment by Doing Business are also Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. Better business environment serves not only the big players. On the contrary, tradesmen and small businesses are the ones who do not have an army of lawyers and tax consultants, or prime minister’s phone number. They do not have these ways of defense against bureaucratic bullying and increasing amount of new duties to the state.

Opportunity to focus on their business ideas instead of filling papers will improve the economic prospects of all. Entrepreneurs are not just producers of mobile applications and revolutionary software engineers but also the pizza makers, manufacturers of furniture or bakers. The ambition of the Top 20 project is to actively seek business barriers, highlight them and offer their solutions. Because it means a better life for all of us.